No Listening Fatigue

At Lithos


Speaker design is about creating a scientifically accurate product with the aim of reproducing the subjective art form of music.


The subject of speaker design consists of several hundred scientific design equations. Knowledge of all these equations is an absolute must, moreover, their manipulation and final application is also truly an art form. Lithos prides itself in being truly well versed in the knowledge and application of these scientific equations.


At Lithos Acoustics, we evaluate every speaker with utmost care, attention and detail. We use the most sophisticated CAD tools for designing, modelling and manufacturing our products. The design and engineering going into the development of each speaker is typical in competing speakers costing 10 times as much.


This makes each Lithos Speaker a unique and accurate music reproducing component, representative of the best in the world. The Lithos range consists of a minimum number of speakers, each one a winner in its own right. With our accent on design, technology and affordability, we are able to do at affordable costs what rest of the world struggles to achieve at a much higher price point.


Lithos Technology Advantages