No Listening Fatigue

No Listening Fatigue

just listen... and keep listening

what  is  Q-BALANCE ?

At LITHOS Acoustics, speaker design has broken new ground. We have delved into 10 years of research and development to bring you a product that will make a difference to your life.


While listening to music, the mind sub-consciously perceives flaws in the sound that it hears. These flaws are in the form of harshness, sharpness and other undesirable characteristics that within a short period of time will cause listening fatigue


Fatigue will make you want to turn off your music system soon, and prevents long and enjoyable hours of listening to your favorite music.


Over the years, companies around the world have tried to achieve the elusive 'no listening fatigue' goal, but have not succeeded.


In 1999, LITHOS Acoustics has become the world's first company to introduce a proprietary, groundbreaking technology that prevents listening fatigue - the Q-BALANCE ™


and how do we do it ?

From handling hundreds of speaker design equations to studying the psychology of human hearing, we have gone through a complicated and intense study of music, hearing and speaker design.


Finally we have incorporated complex response shaping elements in our crossover systems, to bring you a sound, which is the only one of its kind in the world - with no listening fatigue.


At LITHOS, we have gone beyond making speakers’ sound clearer, more transparent, tighter and more musical, just so you can listen… and keep listening.