No Listening Fatigue

Music, not sound. Soul, not ego -  Karma


The Karma will redefine your concepts of bass precision and midrange transparency. It is designed to be totally musical and natural in its presentation of music. We have stripped away all the hype, the market forces and the terminology from high end audio and are left with only what truly matters - the pure physics of loudspeaker design. Pure in its form, function and ultimate result. The Karma is music - not sound. It is soul - not ego.


Karma comes in 2 flavours. d-Lite and d-Sign. The d-Lite is for most practical room sizes while the d-Sign is for the ultimate experience in power and slam. The fidelity of both are the same. The Bass is actively driven with its own digital amplification for perfect room tuning and the mids-highs are aligned in a unique focussed vertical directivity array for a clear and precise presentation throughout the whole frequency spectrum.

Technical Highlights:

1. Q balance technology for no listening fatigue

2. Focussed Constant Directivity Satellite driver arrangement for minimising frequency interference and room interaction

3. Active Subwoofer with a standalone Power Module and configurable digital crossover

4. Sealed Chamber for the Subwoofer giving the best control and transient presentation of the bass

5. Precise Software Optimised Circuitry and Design

6. High Density Isolation Membrane in Subwoofer and Satellite

Technical Specifications:


225 W RMS / Ch


44Hz to 20KHz


25Hz to 22KHz


6 Ohms (Satellite)


88.5 dB 1W / 1m


50 W - 300 W (RMS) / Ch


upto 800 sqft (stereo) - upto 1500 sqft (HT option)


 44 x 10 x 15 Overall (inches)


15.75 x 6.5 x 6.5 Satellite - 22 x 10 x 15 Subwoofer


Premium White or Black Pearl Finish - NonStd colours on request


1 x 1.25" fabric dome ferrofluid cooled tweeter


2 x 6.0" air dried paper cone


1 x 10" Low Loss Al woofer for the d-Lite, 2 x 10" for d-Sign


Coming Soon ...

2 Karma Towers, 1 power module


Power Handling Capacity

Freq Response (-3dB)

Usable Freq Response (-8dB)



Amplifier Requirements

Typical Listening Area

Dimensions H x W x D


Drivers per channel




Stereo System Consists Of